Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Give Me A Break!

           “Give me a break” and no, I don’t mean from that Kit-Kat bar. Writing is hard because you can’t just write, you have to write effectively. For example:
           Give me a break! vs. Give me some slack!
           Both mean the same thing, right? Wrong.

The first one is more forceful, and it would only suit a dramatic scene. It implies that they have been ridden harder than a donkey through the Grand Canyon.

The other one is more passive aggressive. This is great if you’re writing a scene that’s meant to be funny or informative, as it adds just the right touch of drama and tension.

Be careful in how you write, because if you just wrote the most fantastic book, that is technically correct, one sentence will draw them out, and every time you do that, they aren’t believing in your book. It doesn’t take a lot of sentences like that to make the reader feel that way. And out of those 100,000 words you took to write the book, you can’t afford for the reader to get tripped up over those four above.              

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