Friday, February 28, 2014

Author Interview - Jayson James

Hello, and welcome to my blog! Today I will be interviewing Jayson James about his novel, T.E.D. After the interview, you can find out more about him, follow his feed, and take a look at his works in the links below.

1. What is your book T.E.D. about?
T.E.D. is about three diverse guys Tim, Eric and Delsin, whose lives are intertwined as they each face their own struggles.   The story takes place around entries Tim made in his journal while Eric and Delsin provide the back-story of the events taking place.   Tim is a kid you feel sorry for and you want to give him advice how to better his life, and eventually you want to tell to quit being a wimp.  Eric is a character hiding his fear of being discovered by picking on others.  Delsin is supportive and does what he can, but is dealing with his own issues.  These guys are all flawed, yet likable characters.  It was important for me to have real people that my readers could identify and relate. 

2. What inspired you to write it?
The idea for the book I had a little over a year ago.  I jotted down some ideas, and then I has some more ideas, so I would jot them down.  One day the ideas for the book simply clicked.   Although I knew there are quite a few books out there about bullying, as far as I have ever seen none of them were written like my book. 

3. Have you written other works? If not, then what else are you working on?
I have four other published works, which take place chronologically one after another.  However, I wrote each of them as a stand-alone book.  My readers started calling the books the Finding Our Way Series and the name stuck.  After many requests, I released the books together in a series collection.
Finding Our Way is about after one night of drinking and going too far these two friends, Derrick and Justin become aware of their own sexuality. 
Tormented Discovery explores Derrick and Justin being who they are and how others around them handle it.   The readers get to read more about Hayden and get a closer look at his and Ryan’s relationship.
Drifting focuses on what happens in a relationship when one loves someone but is questioning whether they both are in love anymore.   This time readers get to read from Ryan’s perspective and what is going on in this shy guy’s head.
I also have a few published novellas.  Summer Escape is about two friends who on a weekend away decide to live by their own rules.  I thought it would be a good way for new readers to sample my writing.  Far & Away is about two guys who meet online, fall in love and realize life is too short to stay apart. 
My current work in progress is something unlike anything I have ever released before.  It takes place back in 1988 and is a coming of age novel about this guy and girl who are best friends who growing up and coping with life’s changes. 

4. What writers inspire you?
Mainstream, would have to be Stephen King who has been my longest running inspiration.   I would be delighted to have half the success he has had in his lifetime of writing.
The gay scene is Nick Nolan who I met after I read his book Strings Attached  and left a review of what I thought of it.   Nick is a talented author, one of the smartest people I’ve ever met and someone I am glad to have made friends with him.

5. Where do you get your book ideas?
The preverbal question I did not think I would ever see another author ask.  Someone once said, “Write what you know.”  I guess my ideas would come through life and experiences.   However, I want to write about book from the point of the view of the killer someday and I do not plan on killing anyone to know what I am writing about.

6. What’s the hardest thing about writing?
Time, energy and ideas coming together.   It feels like I have two out of the three and yet so rarely all three, which is what it takes in order for me to write.

7. What advice do you have for aspiring authors?
Believe in yourself and keep close those who believe in you.  Seek out constructive criticism and value those who are willing to tell you when something stinks as well as what they like about your work.  If you publish, celebrate your success, being each book you sell is one more than you had previously sold.

Interested in more Jayson James?
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  1. Thank you for interviewing my favourite author!!!!I am a big fan of Jayson James and loved your interview. Your interview is just another example of how wonderful this author is. Whenever, I send him fan letters, he always responds back with warmth and kindness. I find his stories oozing with empathy, and insight. I also must add one thing, this author's language oozes with eloquence and not smutty in the slightest which means I can recommend his books to anyone and everyone.

    1. Thank you for such a wonderful compliment! I appreciate you reading my books and enjoy getting a chance to chat with my readers. I am glad that you feel a connection with both my books and me.

  2. I actually learned a few new things reading this. Some people aren't aware that Jayson drew the covers for a few of his books, too bad the cover art didn't make an appearance with the interview!

    1. Hey Mary! I've received two emails regarding this. I am not sure what happened. Thank you for taking the time to check out this interview.

    2. Thank you Mary, and I hope you subscribe :) I plan on doing more interviews in the future.

  3. Jayson thank you for responding to your readers. I hate it to leave a comment and be ignored.

    1. You bet! Thank you for reading and commenting!