Monday, February 24, 2014

Overlooking One Small Thing Can Ruin A Big Thing

               Today I got in trouble at work. I did a good job doing something, but I overlooked something that snowballed into a big issue. In relation to writing, this is important too. If you overlook small details and forget the world you created on the page is a real place, it can upset the balance of the entire writing piece.
               For example, in my novel the Director of an orphanage leaves for an important duty somewhere else. Yes, this is an important and well-done plot, but I forgot to mention who is going to run the orphanage in his absence. Details like this are important.
               As a writer, you can be so into your story and focused on making it a great work, that you forget the readers think it’s real, and they’re not going to believe that thing you overlooked. The result? That pulls them out of the story, and that is something a writer never wants to happen.

               Remember, the devil is in the details.

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